Visual Explorer: Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) 2001-2020 Backfile & 2021-Present Now Available

In collaboration with the Internet Archive's TV News Archive, selections of Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PSC) coverage from 2001-2020 and continuous coverage from May 14, 2021 to present are now available in the Visual Explorer! While PSC was previously announced as part of the Visual Explorer EMEA Collection, we have backfilled in nearly a year of missing shows from 2022-present, enabling continuous coverage of current events. Like the rest of the EMEA collection, only the thumbnail galleries are viewable this channel – the video clips are not yet playable. The Archive is considering the public interest benefits of converting the underlying archival video streams into web-playable video.  In the meantime, the thumbnail galleries alone make it possible to begin exploring this incredibly rich and unique collection and understand at a macro level the visual narratives and stories being covered. Using these thumbnails, if you find a broadcast of interest, you can also request a temporary library loan of that broadcast to view it via the Archive’s library loan program.

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