Visual Explorer: New 3 Minute Playback Clips For Belarusian, Russian & Ukrainian TV News

We are excited to announce that as of today all broadcasts on the Belarusian, Russian & Ukrainian channels will now display preview clips that are 3 minutes long rather than the original 30 second clips, in order to make it easier to understand the path of individual narrative arcs. In addition, since these longer clips have transcripts that are too long to display in the original format of a fixed paragraph of text beneath the playable video, we have now introduced a scrollable transcript box under the video and additional enhancements to captioning display.

We hope that these new improvements make it much easier for journalists and scholars to examine specific stories and narrative arcs.

As an example, here is the exchange on 1TV on January 12th that casually references Biden's classified documents. The new 3-minute clip makes it possible now to see the entire exchange rather than having to see it as a sequence of 6 disjoint 30-second clips as before.