Visual Explorer: Live Transcription Of All 24 Active Uncaptioned Channels Through Google's Chirp

Last week we announced a massive historical backfile of 9.5 million minutes of machine-generated multilingual transcripts of global television news from 14 channels spanning 12 countries and territories using Google's Chirp ASR model. Today we are excited to announce that all 24 active uncaptioned channels are now being machine transcribed by Google's Chirp. Within a few hours of broadcast, all programs on the following channels will have machine-generated transcriptions available in the Visual Explorer. Note that at this time, only Belarusian, Iranian Russian and Ukrainian programs are being machine-translated into English. For all other non-English channels, launch the Visual Explorer in Google's Chrome browser and use its built-in Google Translate integration to translate into English on-demand. We are immensely excited about the unprecedented new capabilities these transcripts enable for journalists and scholars to understand the landscape of global television news coverage.

Launch The Visual Explorer.

You can see the complete list of channels below:

  • Algeria's Canal Algerie
  • Belarus' Belarus24
  • Catalonia's TV3
  • China's CCTV-1 & CCTV-13
  • Germany's DW
  • Iran's IRINN & Press TV
  • Jordan's Jordan TV
  • Palestine's Palestinian Satellite Channel
  • Portugal's RTP Internacional
  • Qatar's Al Jazeera English
  • Republic of Congo's Tele Congo
  • Russia's Channel One, NTV, Russia 1, Russia 24 & Russia Today
  • South Sudan's Southern Sudan Television
  • Sudan's Sudan State Television
  • Taiwan's CTV & TTV
  • Ukraine's Espreso
  • United Arab Emirates' Sharjah TV