VGKG 1.0 Now Processing All Monitored News Imagery

We're tremendously excited to announce that as of GDELT Visual Knowledge Graph (VGKG) 1.0, we are now processing both the SocialSharingImage and RelatedImages fields of the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph, meaning that as of February 14, 2016, we are now attempting to process 100% of the images GDELT finds in all articles it monitors each day (though due to the Vision API being in Alpha release we may not be able to actually process all images each day and the volume of images can vary by time of day so the actual volume is closer to 600K-800K per day). While a large fraction of news articles do not contain images, and we skip images less than 300×300 pixels, this still works out to 7,000-10,000 images processed every 15 minutes. This is a phenomenal milestone and we are extraordinarily excited to see what this new capable makes possible!