Using The Global Quotation Graph To Track Statements About Hydroxychloroquine

Using the new Global Quotation Graph it requires just a single line of SQL to compile a list of public statements on a given day about hydroxychloroquine using BigQuery!

Using the following SQL:

SELECT min(url) url, min(title) title, max(quotes.pre) pre, quotes.quote quote, max( post, count(1) count FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gqg`, UNNEST(quotes) quotes WHERE DATE(date) = "2020-04-30" and lang='ENGLISH' and LOWER(quotes.quote) like '%hydroxychloroquine%' group by quotes.quote order by count desc LIMIT 1000

Yields a list of 78 distinct quotes containing "hydroxychloroquine" on April 30th that appeared a collective 200 times, sorted by the number of times each appeared, along with an example article in which each appeared.