TV Visual Explorer: A Look At PBS News Room Footage From A Decade Ago

What did newsrooms look like on television news of a decade ago? Here are three examples drawn from PBS to show how news rooms used to be depicted on television news.

The first example is a rich dark toned wood set with a mounted television screen from a dozen years ago, not unlike what broadcasts today use, showing that not everything changes:

July 15, 2010.

In contrast, this 2010 footage is drawn from the Washington Post's newsroom at the time, with the heaver frames and thicker bezels of monitors of the era:

July 15, 2010.

This footage from 2013 shows similar monitor technology with the fluorescent tube lighting common of the era:

July 9, 2013.

These are just three quick examples drawn from the vast archive of more than a decade of ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS evening news broadcasts now available in the TV Visual Explorer!

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