TV News Visual Explorer: Announcing The TV Rain Archive

We are tremendously excited to announce today that in collaboration with the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive, the historical archive of TV Rain, Russia’s last independent television channel, is being made available in the TV News Visual Explorer! The Internet Archive has been working closely with TV Rain to permanently preserve and make available TV Rain’s unique independent coverage and with the addition of its coverage to the Visual Explorer, this incredibly unique and unprecedented archive of Russian society will now be accessible to journalists, scholars and the general public in a chronological and skimmable interface!

Today an initial collection of more than 29,000 broadcasts selected from 2016 to 2019 have been made available in the Visual Explorer, with the remainder of the archive joining those broadcasts over the coming weeks and months as the Archive completes loading the entire collection. With TV Rain’s relaunch from Latvia, its new daily programming will also be added to the Visual Explorer in the coming weeks, offering in a single unified interface access to its current and historical coverage.

We will continue to add new TV Rain broadcasts regularly, but for the moment you can get started with these sample broadcasts from March 2016, February 2017, April 2018 and January and December 2019. You can also use the calendar selector in the Visual Explorer to pick dates from 2016 to 2019 to find available broadcasts. Note that broadcasts are being loaded as they finish processing, rather than chronologically, so not all dates will have available shows yet. We are uploading new batches of historical broadcasts typically weekly, so check back regularly!

These new 29,000 TV Rain broadcasts join more than 850,000 broadcasts spanning the past decade from the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive now available in the Visual Explorer!

The addition of TV Rain marks a major milestone for the Visual Explorer as it continues to expand to new television news channels from across the world and we cannot wait to see how journalists, scholars and the public from around the world are able to leverage this new interface metaphor of making the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive’s vast archive of television news “skimmable” for the first time!

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