TV News Visual Explorer: A Testbed For Exploring The Limitations Of Visual AI Systems & Making Them More Inclusive

The TV Visual Explorer now spans 24 channels from 7 countries in 4 languages, encompassing the majority of the active channels in the Internet Archive's Television News Archive. Its archive spans American visual portrayals of the biggest stories of the past decade spanning every topic imaginable, including advertising, and increasingly includes imagery from domestic television coverage from around the world. This exceptionally unique archive offers unprecedented opportunities to explore the limitations of current generation visual AI systems.

The rapidly skimmable interface of the Visual Explorer makes it possible to triage hours of television news coverage in seconds, making it tractable to rapidly skim a selection of channels for imagery of a specific topic, object or activity, such as images of masks, Covid testing kits, vaccines, military equipment, etc. Human subject matter experts can rapidly compile appearances of such imagery and utilize the downloadable thumbnail ZIP files to locate the full resolution preview image of each thumbnail. In just seconds to hours, large globally, topically, politically and culturally diverse visual representations of a given phenomena can be compiled that can be used to test how well current visual AI systems recognize it, exploring the limitations of current systems and helping to ensure that visual AI systems are more inclusive and representative of the world's rich diversity.