Trump Tweets Aired For 97 Minutes On Television News During Impeachment Coverage

The timeline below shows the total seconds of airtime since January 9th, 2021 (the day after Trump was banned from Twitter) in which his Twitter handle "@realDonaldTrump" appeared in the onscreen text of CNN, MSNBC or Fox News through the end of February 14, 2021. While some of these appearances may simply be a reference to his Twitter suspension, the overwhelming majority of appearances are onscreen displays of his tweets.

In all, between January 9 and February 14, Trump's tweets appeared onscreen for 193 minutes (3.2 hours) across the three channels. Since the start of the impeachment hearings alone his tweets have been aired for 96.6 minutes (1.6 hours).

Even banished from Twitter, Trump's tweets live on.

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