Trump Still Looms Large Over The TV News Landscape

On a given day this month, Donald Trump has still been mentioned 100-200 times on Fox News, 250-400 times on CNN and 400-500 times on MSNBC. Since the start of this month alone, he has been mentioned 8,438 times on MSNBC, 6,156 times on CNN and 2,565 times on Fox News. Since the start of this year, he has been mentioned 126,874 times on MSNBC, 75,367 times on CNN and 42,197 times on Fox News.

As the timeline below demonstrates, he still looms large over the television news landscape. MSNBC mentions him the most and Fox News the least.

In contrast, coverage of Joe Biden is led by Fox News, with MSNBC mentioning him roughly equally to CNN.

Comparing coverage of Trump vs Biden on Fox News since the start of 2020, they rapidly pivoted away from Trump from Biden's inauguration, but has far from faded from daily coverage.