Translingual 2.0: Reaching Into Languages Like Amharic And Burmese

We are incredibly excited by the forthcoming GDELT Translingual 2.0 platform's expansion into an array of new languages like Amharic and Burmese, vastly expanding upon the original 65 languages supported by Translingual 1.0. Over the years we've monitored a considerable amount of news content in these languages and it is tremendously exciting that we will shortly finally be able to begin analyzing this content and eventually go back and translate all of this historical material we have monitored over the years.

The ability to reach into countries like Burma to see how everything from the coup to the Rohingya are being covered or to track domestic Ethiopian coverage of the conflict in the Tigray region opens whole new possibilities for reaching ever closer to an ever growing portion of the world's population and seeing ever more clearly the earliest glimmers of tomorrow's biggest stories.