The Visual Explorer & Contrasting The Narrative Landscapes Of Visual Storytelling Across The World

One of the most powerful aspects of the Visual Explorer is the way in which it makes it possible for the first time to leverage the Internet Archive's TV News Archive to compare and contrast the narrative landscapes of visual storytelling from across the world spanning 100 channels from 50 countries over more than two decades. Launched in June of last year to enable journalists and scholars to understand how Russia was narrating its invasion of Ukraine to its domestic audience, the Visual Explorer can be used today to compare everything from Iran's government and opposition narratives to Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian coverage of the invasion to the trio of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News coverage of domestic US issues to how countries around the world internalize and narrate global events.

The possibilities of this incredible archive for comparing and contrasting the visual storytelling landscape of the world's societies is unprecedented and we look forward to working with all of you on the extraordinary stories and preternatural insights into human nature and the societal soul that lie within its 5.2 million broadcasts.

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