Temporal Knowledge Graph Forecasting with Neural ODE

This paper by researchers at LMU Munich, Siemens AG and the Technical University of Munich examines Temporal Knowledge Graph Forecasting with Neural ODE:

Learning node representation on dynamically-evolving, multirelational graph data has gained great research interest. However, most of the existing models for temporal knowledge graph forecasting use Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with discrete depth to capture temporal information, while time is a continuous variable. Inspired by Neural Ordinary Differential Equation (NODE), we extend the idea of continuum-depth models to time-evolving multi-relational graph data, and propose a novel Temporal Knowledge Graph Forecasting model with NODE. Our model captures temporal information through NODE and structural information through a Graph Neural Network (GNN). Thus, our graph ODE model achieves a continuous model in time and efficiently learns node representation for future prediction. We evaluate our model on six temporal knowledge graph datasets by performing link forecasting. Experiment results show the superiority of our model.

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