Television Explorer Hourly Timeline, Boolean OR and Increased JSON Cap

The latest update to the Television Explorer debuted this morning, which added several new features:

  • Hourly Timeline. Now when selecting a time period of 7 days or less, the timeline graph will switch from daily resolution to hourly resolution to make it possible to examine how coverage of a topic changed over the course of a day and when each network first started discussing it.
  • Primary Keyword Boolean OR Support. Many of you have requested the ability to use multiple keywords OR'd together as your Primary Keyword and this is now supported via separating each keyword by commas, identical to the Contextual Keyword field. For example, to search for mentions of the January 20th, 2017 US presidential inauguration, you might want to search for both "inauguration" and "inaugural", which can you can now do by typing "inauguration,inaugural" in the Primary Keyword box. Note: do NOT use quotes or the actual boolean word "OR" in the keyword boxes.
  • Higher JSON Output Cap. The JSON output option is proving to be particularly popular, but the maximum 1,000 result limit has been a challenge for some of you, so we have increased that now to a maximum of 2,500 results per query. If you need to return more results than this, split your query time frame up into multiple smaller date ranges (ie, if your query returns 3,000 results over a 30 day period, split it into two 15 day period queries).