Structure Data 2016 Recap: A "Legendary" Talk

In his recap of Structure Data 2016, Structure Events Executive Editor Tom Krazit specifically cited Kalev's GDELT presentation:

Kalev Leetaru of GDELT delivered a legendary Structure Data talk on the power of data to understand our world

Speaking more broadly about the conference, he summarized the 2016 conference as:

Over the years we've put together Structure Data, I'm not sure we've assembled a better lineup of speakers. We had the CEOs of all the major big data companies, world-renowned experts in artificial intelligence from the most powerful internet companies on the planet, and representatives from the next generation of data-driven startups like Uber and Airbnb. But when I look back at the week, I'm also struck by how many conversations that I hope we continued, or even started, about the impact of big data on society.

It was an incredible honor to present this past week among so many luminaries of the field, representing the shining stars of the "big data" world today. Kalev will be at it again this week at ASU, so if you're on campus come hear how data is reshaping how we understand the world around us!