Spinmeisters Of Russia: Russian TV Integrates Biden's Classified Documents Story Into Narratives

Russian television is finding ways of integrating the Biden classified documents story into throwaway mentions in otherwise unrelated coverage, such as this exchange about Ukraine from last week that managed to work in two separate mentions:

Here I have a very practical question for you. You also said that escalation is an end in itself , a means to an end. Yes, that is, this is one of the well, President Biden has repeatedly that he does not want a third world war, and uh, it will be the very president whose garage is now our secret documents. I AM I understand correctly, Yes, and he used to think that some types of weapons should not be exhibited, If you don’t want a third world war, even if Johnson said that he doesn’t want to fight with Russia, doesn’t want a third World War when we talk about escalation, we we are talking about what one country starts, but another country responds, otherwise it is not an escalation. How can one explain that the leaders of Western countries, that the President of the United States, even with his history in the garage…

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