Spinmeisters Of China: The US Versus China On Iran & Middle East Diplomacy

China's CCTV-1 features a story about Iran-Saudi relations, presenting China as the new diplomatic power broker in the Middle East and the US as merely attempting to impose its will on sovereign nations:

Iran-Saudi relations have been It is one of the main issues in the Middle East. For a long time, the United States has always disturbed the situation in the Middle East through hegemony and waging war for its own self-interest. However, this time, under the mediation of China , the reconciliation between the two countries has brought hope to the Middle East countries to solve other issues. China’s approach It is also in stark contrast to the policies of the United States and Western countries . As it appears in the present day or try to use the potential of where are the proxy 74 others in order to retain their goals when it comes to The chinese model we could have a very very short countries would china state and export the world was when when when people went for everyone, the analysis pointed out that the warming up of the relationship between many countries in the Middle East including Yisha showed that the countries in the region hoped to end the conflict. They are very committed to developing the economy and promoting cooperation. In addition, Iranian officials generally believe that unlike the military intervention and separatism of the United States and the West, China's persuasion and promotion of peace talks plays an important role in promoting the improvement of relations between countries in the region. Middle East countries may usher in new opportunities for development.

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