PressTV: The Iranian Government's Framing Of The Shiraz Terror Attack

With the addition of Iran's PressTV to the Internet Archive's Television News Archive and the Visual Explorer this week, we can already see the parallel universe of the Iranian government's framing of the terror attack in Shiraz. Here are two examples those narratives.

The first blames the attack on anti-government protests:

"…the President Ebrahim Raisi mentioned and he said the recent riots in Iran actually paved the way for such acts of sabotage by enemies of Iran to be carried out in the country.

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While the second alleges that the terrorist acts were funded and controlled by Western powers:

"we know where the money strings and the puppet strings of the Daesh and Takfiri terrorists go, we know that they go back to the capital, Washington, DC, they go back to the capitals of Western Europe"

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