Planetary Scale "Social Radars" For Risk Forecasting And Early Warning From Conflict To Famine To Pandemics To Recession

In recent years there has been a renaissance in interest in so-called "social radar" systems that combine together massive amounts of data to detect the earliest glimmers of risk and to even forecast its likelihood before it even happens, allowing both for more resilient and robust responses and even mitigation. GDELT today powers an ever-greater portion of such realtime risk nowcasting and forecasting systems across the world, from forecasting forced human migration to famines, conflict from small-bore violence to societal-scale convulsions, economic drivers and even pandemics. In fact, GDELT's GKG was used to send one of the very first worldwide external alerts of the coming Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the coming months we will be debuting a series of new demonstrations, workflows and visualizations powered by tools like the GCP Timeseries Insights API that showcase just how easy it is to build such risk nowcasting and forecasting models for every imaginable topic using GDELT's realtime global datasets and how to incorporate those insights into real world decision making.