Planetary Scale Knowledge Graphs: Understanding Global Narratives

GDELT represents one of the largest open multimodal datasets in existence for understanding global human society, totaling more than 3.2 trillion data points spanning 200 years in 152 languages. Spanning text, imagery, audio and video and comprising neural, statistical and rules-based knowledge graphs, GDELT is at its core a realtime knowledge graph over human society that captures not only factual information about the world, but, most importantly for research into misinformation and disinformation, the narratives that drive global society. What constitutes accepted "truth" across the world? What are the emerging contextualizations and statements that are driving societal-scale behavior in a given region? Why do societies make the decisions they do?

GDELT's multimodal knowledge graph datasets offer unique and unparalleled opportunities to understand the driving forces of global society. We'd love to hear from you your ideas on new approaches to mining graphs at these scales and especially approaches that can look across modalities, identify anomalies, resolve conflicting information and many other key tasks. We're also happy to assist with "grand challenge" competitions for conferences and other open venues, so please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!