Pew Research Internet Project Report: The Future of Privacy

Kalev was one of the experts asked to provide his views on the future of the internet for Pew Research’s “Digital Life in 2025″ report released this past March, where he noted that one of "the greatest impacts [of the Internet] will come from the use of all of the data exhaust of people’s daily lives, as they become more intertwined with the digital heartbeat as a way of rendering society increasingly computable."

In Pew's latest report, titled The Future of Privacy, Kalev was asked to comment on his views on the changing norms of privacy in the online world, to which he responded:

While … people publicly discuss wanting more privacy, they increasingly use media in a way that gives away their privacy voluntarily—for example, broadcasting their location via phone GPS when posting to social platforms, photographing their entire lives, etc. People seem to want to be famous, documenting their lives to the most-minute detail, in ways that would have been unheard of to a past generation. Moreover, each time a major social platform reduces privacy even further, there is a roar of public backlash and promises that people will leave en masse, but no one actually leaves the platforms, and in fact, more sign up. Thus, people are not voting with their feet. Companies have no incentive to increase privacy, which reduces revenue possibilities in terms of selling advertising and products based on identity and desires…

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