Over 100 New GKG Themes Added

You may have noticed the appearance over the last few weeks of over 100 new themes that we've added to the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph in the leadup to the release of GKG 2.0.  These range from economic indicators like price gouging and the price of heating oil to infrastructure topics like the construction of new power generation capacity to social issues like marginalization and burning in effigy.

As GDELT is increasingly used to track everything from disease outbreaks to aid promises to poaching trends throughout the world, we are also rolling out a series of new taxonomic themes to make it easier to explore these topics.  In addition to considerably expanding the list of recognized infectious diseases, GDELT has also added over 600 global humanitarian and development aid organizations, global currencies, and a massively expanded list of global ethnic groups and languages.  We will also be rolling out over the next few days several massive new taxonomies capturing global animals and plants to aid with tracking species migration and poaching.  This coming Spring we're going to debut a new interactive theme viewer that will make it easier to view the latest additions to the supported themes and to suggest new themes or terms.

If there are themes you'd like us to add to GDELT that would be of use to your work, please let us know, we'd love to work with you to add them!