New "Showcase" Format For GDELT GEO 2.0 API

We're excited to announce today the debut of the new "showcase" format in the GDELT GEO 2.0 API! This new output format renders the standard HTML map in your browser, but instead of requiring you to click on each individual location to see the image results from that point or country, this format divides your search results into a 5 degree grid and one image is selected for display from each grid cell and displayed in a popup with up to 100 images total displayed on the map. This is particularly useful for presentations and for rapidly triaging matching imagery from across the world. This format is only available for pointdata, country, sourcecountry, imagesourcecountry, imagecountry and imagepoint data modes.

You can see an example of this new format used to map flooding, rubble and earthquake imagery in the image at the bottom of this post.


Using the new format is quite easy – simply use "imagehtmlshow" as your output format instead of "imagehtml"!