Media Coverage Of Coronavirus Going Global

As the Coronavirus has spread, media outlets across the world have begun covering its local impact as citizens stock up on supplies and municipalities announce their contingency plans.

The map below shows all of the locations that have been mentioned within a sentence or two of "Coronavirus" or "Covid-19" in the last 6 days. NOTE that the overwhelming majority of these points do NOT refer to real or suspected infections, but rather to the public and governmental reaction to the virus, from shortages of supplies to government announcements of their Coronavirus plans.

For example, Angelina County, Texas announced that it was drafting plans in case the virus became an issue there, while South Dakota health officials similarly provided an update on their plans. Other points are simply cities reassuring their citizens that they have no cases to date. In short, this is NOT a map of infection, but rather a map of the locations being mentioned in the news relating to the virus, with most of those mentions relating to planning, reassurances or reports of shortages from panic buying.

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