Making Maps with GDELT + CartoDB: A New Collaboration

Today we are enormously excited to announce an incredible new collaboration with online mapping platform CartoDB to literally make the world's news mappable!  Over the last few weeks we've been featuring a steady stream of new maps from GDELT using the CartoDB platform to showcase the incredible power of the rich geographic information that GDELT extracts from the world's news.   We've also created a new GeoJSON API, a global GeoJSON feed, instant embedable maps through GDELT Geographic News Search, and even a step-by-step tutorial to creating your first CartoDB map from GDELT!  And, of course, a flurry of new maps leveraging all of this power!

We're spectacularly excited by the potential for bringing the incredibly rich interactive animated and intuitive interface of the CartoDB platform together with GDELT's global realtime index over the world's news media!  We can't wait to see what amazing projects this enables!

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