Kalev Now RealClear Media Fellow

We are tremendously excited to announce today that Kalev is a RealClear Media Fellow! The Editor's Note in his inaugural story lays out his exciting new role using data to reimagine and explore journalism through the eyes of massive data:

RCP readers, meet Kalev Leetaru, the newest voice in our growing stable of writers and political analysts. A senior fellow at RealClearFoundation, Kalev’s beats will include media trends & visualization, which he explains in his inaugural piece below. In the coming months, Kalev will explore how data can be used to re-imagine the evolving world of journalism. From founding his first Internet startup in the eighth grade a year after the debut of the groundbreaking Mosaic browser, Kalev has spent the last two decades examining how the massive computing power of the web has reshaped how we interact with the world. His work has been featured in the media in some 100 nations, and will now grace the pages of RealClearPolitics.

Read The Inaugural Column.