Introduction The New Television Explorer Top Clips

In addition to the Television Explorer's new Top Terms Word Cloud, we are also excited today to announce the release of the new Top Clips feature, which displays the top 50 matching clips most relevant to your search. The previous version of the Television Explorer only displayed a bulleted list of links to relevant clips, while this new version displays each matching clip as a thumbnail image and the actual snippet text.

For clips January 1, 2017 to present, thumbnail images are selected to be as close in timecode to the actual snippet as possible, while for snippets 2009-2016, the thumbnail image is the first available visual for the broadcast.

Both snippets and thumbnail images are also included in the JSON export.

The inclusion of thumbnails and snippet text should enable the creation of rich interactive visualizations and analytic interfaces built on top of the system's JSON API, so we're super excited to see what you're able to do with all of this new data!