How Is Gun Violence In Washington, D.C. Being Covered On Television News?

How is gun violence in Washington, D.C. being covered on television news and whose stories are being told? The timeline below shows total daily mentions of "shooting" or "shots" or "shot" or "gun" or "guns" and "D.C." or "Washington" across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News since the start of this month. Shootings receive few mentions for the first half of the month and even a July 16th shooting that left five adults wounded and a 6-year-old girl dead received little attention. Yet, a shooting outside Nationals Park the following day lead to three days of coverage and even received its own Wikipedia page. Similarly, the shooting deaths of three men on July 22nd received little attention, but a shooting the following day in the restaurant district of D.C.'s Logan circle received several days of coverage.

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