Heise's Semantic Differential Values Available in GCAM

Heise's Semantic Differential values are now available in GCAM!  Published in 1965, these values draw from earlier work by Charles Osgood, George Suchi and Percy Tannenbaum in their famous 1957 "The Measurement of Meaning" book.

When using these dimensions please cite:

  • Heise, David E. (1965). Semantic differential profiles for 1000 most frequent words in English. Psychological Monographs, 79(8), 1-31. [online] [PDF]

The available dimensions are:

  • Evaluation (Good-Bad) (ranges 1 to 70)
  • Potency (Strong-Weak) (ranges 1 to 70)
  • Activity (Active-Passive) (ranges 1 to 86)
  • Polarity (Distance From Neutrality) (ranges 1 to 55)