Greater Good Gathering 2.0: Technology, Community And The Greater Good

From December 2017 through Spring 2018  I was asked for my thoughts on how to build upon October 2017's successful Greater Good Gathering conference that featured such luminaries as Martin Luther King III, to create a sequel that explored in more detail the changing nature of society in the modern era.

It is an honor today to see the conference that I conceived come to fruition through the efforts of Eric Schnurer, the organizer of the first conference, bringing together a tremendous cast of luminaries to explore how the modern era is changing our understanding of "community" and the role the digital world, especially social media, is playing in that transformation.

I'd also like to thank Columbia University and the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and the Columbia University Law School, the Union Theological Seminary and the Academy of Political Science as hosts, sponsors and supporters of the event!

From the initial vision to the final conference sketch, it is truly incredible to see the final results this week bring together activists, academics, journalists, policymakers and civil society to have a shared conversion about the future of our planet.

See The Conference Agenda.