Global Numeric Graph: Counting Protest Sizes

Researchers studying global protest trends typically need to record any available details on the size of the protest, the size of the security forces opposing it, the number of participants injured, arrested or killed and so on. The new Global Numeric Graph (GNG) makes such compilations as simple as a regular expression:

SELECT distinct(context) FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gng` WHERE DATE(date) = "2021-06-07" and REGEXP_CONTAINS(LOWER(context), r' (\d|\d\d|\d\d\d|[\d+,]+,\d\d\d) protest') AND LANG='ENGLISH' LIMIT 1000

This yields the following results:

was asked to explain how more than 300 protesters were being allowed to camp
vaccinate children. There was around 50 protesters on London Road, with a PA
rock plundered by Morocco. About 40 protesters laid down tripods made from
András Jámbor, attracted roughly 10,000 protesters, including some of the
of Manhattan. People can get a COVID-19 shot there. About 75 protesters
and will visit Cali where more than 40 protesters were allegedly murdered by
staged the coup that has seen over 800 protestors killed and thousands of
is owned by Murdoch's News UK. About 50 protestors used vans and bamboo
direct traffic but noted most of the 4,000 protesters stayed in their
convicted of criminal damage. Up to 20 protesters "overwhelmed" security at the
supporters murdered at least 65 protesters. Local human rights
states. KPHO reported that about 200 protesters gathered outside the hotel
and trans-Atlantic slavery. Almost 50 protesters were arrested by police. May
battle-hardened and brutal. Around 70 protesters marched in a flashmob
was forced to land, a group of about 30 protesters in Concord held signs
powers to stop protests. More than 10 protests against the bill have so far
in 15 states in 2017. In the year 2020, 96 protests were related to economic farm
and Marjorie Taylor Greene. About 30 protesters started gathering on a corner
Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, 25 protesters were wounded after hundreds
public health official. Approximately 75 protesters also gathered outside of the
over the weekend, when roughly 75 protesters showed up to an event with
comes just days after nearly 3,000 protesting doctors resigned
(which include protests against three contentious farm laws), 38 protests related
police arbitrarily arrested at least 40 protesters and bystanders during the
owned by Mr Murdoch's News UK. About 50 protestors used vans and bamboo
some news channels in India. More than 400 protesting farmers have died, mostly at
than 300 protesters crowded outside Chicago
Lovetsky/AP More than 1,700 protesters were arrested in Russia
again the tunnel, on Saturday, June 5, around 600 protestors marched through
group delivered a letter, signed by 52 protesters, to a Turner staffer that
security forces have killed upwards of 750 protesters and bystanders as they have
off the streets last year. More than 5,000 protesters chanted: "A civilian
for protesting Line 3. More than 200 protesters have been arrested since
Unit for Missing Persons said that 379 protesters had gone missing during the
holdouts along the way. About 250 protesters fought back with petrol bombs,
States. That number has now shot up to 165 protests across 22 States and Union
flowing as best we can." Almost 40 protest groups have made contact with
and pushing through doors. Around 150 protesters, some holding signs reading
houses belonging to Adedibu. At least 10 protesters were shot dead in Ibadan that
On Friday afternoon, a group of about 30 protesters gathered outside Asheboro
sun. But at the church gates, about 10 protesters hold up a sign reading "God

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