Global Embedded Metadata Graph (GEMG): Keywords & Google News Keywords In META Tags

The Global Embedded Metadata Graph (GEMG) records all HTML META tags found in each article. What percentage of articles each day include a META tag that lists publisher-provided descriptive keywords for the article, either a general "keywords" field or the Google News-specific "news_keywords" fields?

Exploring this question is as simple as:

SELECT count(distinct(url)) FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gemg`, unnest(metatags) metatag WHERE (key='news_keywords' OR key='keywords') and DATE(date) >= '2021-11-01' and DATE(date) <= '2021-11-30'

Which yields 7,059,333 articles out of a total of 12,520,264. Thus, just over 56% of all articles include some form of keyword field in their META tags.

Keywords can also be found in JSON-LD blocks. Thus, a better estimate combines keywords found in both META tags and JSON-LD blocks:

SELECT COUNT(distinct(url)) from (
SELECT url FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gemg`, unnest(metatags) metatag WHERE (key='news_keywords' OR key='keywords') and DATE(date) >= '2021-11-01' and DATE(date) <= '2021-11-30'
SELECT url FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gemg`, unnest(jsonld) block WHERE (block like '%"keywords"%') and DATE(date) >= '2021-11-01' and DATE(date) <= '2021-11-30'

This returns 8,141,062 total articles, totaling 65% of all articles.

What kinds of keywords are to be found embedded in pages? Not all are useful keywords, with entries ranging from generic site-wide keywords repeated for all articles, to the title or description text being repeated in the keyword field to a simple word histogram including stopwords. For those entries that do contain valid keywords, entries typically include major entities and topics:

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