Global Difference Graph Covers All 152 Monitored Languages

As GDELT's transition to GDELT 3.0 accelerates, it is worth remembering that since its launch in August 2018, the Global Difference Graph (GDG) has included all coverage monitored by GDELT in all 152 languages it monitors. This means the GDG covers substantially more coverage than found in the GKG, which only processes the 65 languages GDELT live translates and only includes articles for which at least one metadata type was recognizable in the text. When merging the GDG and GKG datasets for analyses of stealth editing and other kinds of change trends, it is important to recognize that the GDG is a substantial superset of the GKG.

As GDELT continues its transition to 3.0, it is also important to note that the GDG will continue to decouple from the GKG until the GKG cuts over to 3.0 shortly.