Generative AI Experiments: Using LLMs To Filter Television News EPG Show Titles Into NEWS/NOTNEWS

When performing advanced thematic and topical analysis of television news channels, it is important to exclude non-news content, including both the advertisements that appear during commercial breaks and paid programming and entertainment shows. For broadcaster-captioned channels in the United States, commercial breaks can be excluded by examining the "captioning mode" signal that accompanies each line of captioning that provides a definitive news/advertising classification from the broadcaster (due to how American broadcasters use the POP/RE flags). However, many American news channels also include paid and entertainment programming, especially at certain times of the day. These shows can be easily identified by a human cataloger by examining the title of each show via its EPG data, but there is no single list of keywords that would lend themselves to automated filtering using traditional techniques. Given that programming is constantly changing, with new shows being added, old ones going away, titles changing and one-time and special shows, it is simply not tractable to have a human being manually classify the complete master list of show titles every single day across every single channel when examining large volumes of television news programming, so analytic workflows often default to excluding shows that are not known news programming, which can impact analytic results. Could Large Language Models be used to accurately classify the shows on a given channel as News / Not News simply by examining their EPG show titles?

Here we show an actual extract of a random sample of show titles from a recent day and demonstrate that both GPT-4o and Gemini 1.5 Pro accurately and reasonably flag the obvious paid programming and entertainment shows from the list. Further work will be required to see how well this works across a wider range of channels and for non-US channels, but demonstrates the potential for automated prefiltering of EPG data for classification tasks.

To test this question, we used the following prompt:

Below is a list of television show titles, one per line. For each line, repeat back the title and then state either NEWS if it is news programming or NOT NEWS if it is not news related.

Making Money With Charles Payne
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo
Rare Silver Morgans
CSN Mint
Pain Relief TV
Shark CarpetXpertTM With StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner
Kelsey Grammars Historical Battles For America
Cavuto Coast To Coast
The Evening Edit
American Dynasty

GPT-4o yielded the following:


Kudlow - NEWS
Making Money With Charles Payne - NEWS
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo - NEWS
Rare Silver Morgans - NOT NEWS
Pain Relief TV - NOT NEWS
Shark CarpetXpertTM With StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner - NOT NEWS
Kelsey Grammars Historical Battles For America - NOT NEWS
Cavuto Coast To Coast - NEWS
The Evening Edit - NEWS
American Dynasty - NOT NEWS

Gemini 1.5 Pro yielded identical results:


Kudlow - NEWS
Making Money With Charles Payne - NEWS
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo - NEWS
Rare Silver Morgans - NOT NEWS
Pain Relief TV - NOT NEWS
Shark CarpetXpertTM With StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner - NOT NEWS
Kelsey Grammars Historical Battles For America - NOT NEWS
Cavuto Coast To Coast - NEWS
The Evening Edit - NEWS
American Dynasty - NOT NEWS

What if we went a step further and asked for descriptive keywords and a brief description for each show?

For each show, come up with a list of 10 keywords or phrases that describe it. Output each title on its own line, followed by the keywords that describe it and then a 4-5 sentence description of that show.



Keywords: Economy, Markets, Policy, Business, Analysis, Interviews, Finance, Investment, Politics, Trends

Description: "Kudlow" is a financial news program hosted by Larry Kudlow. The show focuses on economic and market trends, providing in-depth analysis and insights into the latest financial news. With expert interviews and discussions, Kudlow covers the intersection of finance, policy, and politics, offering viewers a comprehensive look at the factors influencing the economy. The program aims to keep investors and business professionals informed and ahead of market movements.

**Making Money With Charles Payne**

Keywords: Stock Market, Investment, Analysis, Financial News, Business Strategies, Trends, Economy, Expert Opinions, Market Insights, Wealth Building

Description: "Making Money With Charles Payne" is a financial news show hosted by Charles Payne. The program delves into the stock market and investment strategies, providing viewers with actionable insights and analysis. Charles Payne shares his expertise on market trends and economic developments, featuring interviews with financial experts and business leaders. The show is designed to help viewers build wealth and make informed investment decisions.

**Mornings With Maria Bartiromo**

Keywords: Business News, Market Updates, Economic Trends, Interviews, Analysis, Financial Markets, Current Events, Global Economy, Expert Opinions, Insights

Description: "Mornings With Maria Bartiromo" is a morning news program hosted by Maria Bartiromo. The show covers the latest business news and market updates, offering analysis and insights into economic trends. Featuring interviews with top executives, economists, and market analysts, the program provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape. Maria Bartiromo's expertise and engaging style make the show a valuable resource for anyone interested in the economy and markets.

**Rare Silver Morgans**

Keywords: Collectibles, Silver Coins, Numismatics, Auctions, Value, Investment, Coin History, Morgan Dollars, Rare Finds, Collecting Tips

Description: "Rare Silver Morgans" is a show dedicated to the world of collectible silver Morgan dollars. The program explores the history and value of these rare coins, offering insights into their significance and market trends. Viewers can learn about the intricacies of numismatics, including tips on collecting and investing in silver Morgans. The show also features auctions and expert opinions, making it a must-watch for coin enthusiasts and collectors.

**CSN Mint**

Keywords: Collectibles, Coins, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Auctions, Investment, Coin History, Rare Finds, Collecting Tips, Market Trends

Description: "CSN Mint" is a program that delves into the world of coin collecting and precious metals. The show highlights rare and valuable coins, providing viewers with historical context and investment potential. With expert interviews and market analysis, CSN Mint offers insights into the numismatic world, helping collectors make informed decisions. The program also features auctions and showcases unique finds, appealing to both seasoned collectors and newcomers.

**Pain Relief TV**

Keywords: Health, Pain Management, Treatment, Medical Advice, Wellness, Chronic Pain, Remedies, Expert Opinions, Product Reviews, Therapy

Description: "Pain Relief TV" is a health-focused show that provides information and advice on managing and alleviating pain. The program features expert interviews and medical advice on various pain relief methods and treatments. Viewers can learn about the latest products, therapies, and strategies for dealing with chronic pain and improving their quality of life. The show aims to empower individuals with knowledge and tools to manage pain effectively.

**Shark CarpetXpertTM With StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner**

Keywords: Home Cleaning, Carpet Care, Product Demonstrations, Stain Removal, Deep Cleaning, Tips, Maintenance, Reviews, Home Improvement, Expert Advice

Description: "Shark CarpetXpertTM With StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner" is a home improvement show focused on carpet cleaning and maintenance. The program features demonstrations of the Shark CarpetXpertTM and StainStrikerTM products, showcasing their effectiveness in removing stains and deep cleaning carpets. Viewers can learn tips and tricks for maintaining their carpets, as well as reviews and expert advice on home cleaning solutions. The show aims to help homeowners keep their carpets looking pristine and extend their lifespan.

**Kelsey Grammars Historical Battles For America**

Keywords: History, Battles, America, Military Strategy, Reenactments, Analysis, Kelsey Grammer, Education, Historical Figures, Documentary

Description: "Kelsey Grammars Historical Battles For America" is a historical documentary series hosted by Kelsey Grammer. The show explores significant battles in American history, providing in-depth analysis and insights into military strategies and outcomes. Through reenactments and expert commentary, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the events that shaped the nation. Kelsey Grammer's engaging narration and the show's educational content make it a captivating and informative watch for history enthusiasts.

**Cavuto Coast To Coast**

Keywords: Business News, Market Analysis, Economy, Politics, Financial Trends, Interviews, Insights, Global Markets, Economic Policy, Current Events

Description: "Cavuto Coast To Coast" is a financial news program hosted by Neil Cavuto. The show covers the latest business news and market developments, offering analysis and insights into economic trends and policies. Featuring interviews with industry leaders and experts, Cavuto provides a comprehensive view of the factors influencing the global economy. The program aims to keep viewers informed about current events and their impact on markets and investments.

**The Evening Edit**

Keywords: Business News, Market Recap, Analysis, Economy, Financial Insights, Expert Opinions, Stock Market, Current Events, Interviews, Trends

Description: "The Evening Edit" is an evening business news program that recaps the day's market activities and economic developments. The show provides analysis and insights into financial trends, featuring expert opinions and interviews with industry leaders. Viewers can stay updated on the latest market movements and understand the factors driving economic changes. The program aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the financial landscape, helping viewers make informed decisions.

**American Dynasty**

Keywords: History, American Families, Legacy, Documentary, Power, Influence, Biographies, Politics, Economy, Social Impact

Description: "American Dynasty" is a documentary series that explores the powerful families that have shaped American history. The show delves into the legacies and influence of these dynasties, providing biographical insights and historical context. Through interviews and archival footage, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the social, political, and economic impact of these families. The series offers a fascinating look at the intersection of power and legacy in America, making it an intriguing watch for history buffs.

Gemini 1.5 Pro:


Kudlow: economics, finance, politics, stock market, business news, investing, Trump administration, Larry Kudlow, interviews, policy
Description: Hosted by former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow, this show delves into the day's top financial news stories, analyzing their impact on the markets and the American economy. Featuring interviews with CEOs, economists, and political figures, Kudlow provides a conservative perspective on the latest economic developments.

Making Money With Charles Payne: stock market, investing, finance, trading, wealth building, financial advice, retirement planning, Charles Payne, analysis, market trends
Description: This show, hosted by financial expert Charles Payne, focuses on empowering viewers to make informed investment decisions. With a focus on actionable advice and market analysis, Payne covers a range of topics from stock picks and trading strategies to retirement planning and wealth building.

Mornings With Maria Bartiromo: business news, finance, economics, politics, global markets, interviews, Maria Bartiromo, analysis, stocks, commodities
Description: Anchored by veteran journalist Maria Bartiromo, this morning show delivers a comprehensive overview of the day's top business and financial news. Featuring interviews with CEOs, policymakers, and market analysts, the show covers everything from global market trends to the latest political developments impacting the economy.

Rare Silver Morgans: coins, collecting, numismatics, history, silver, investing, Morgan dollars, rare coins, appraisals, treasure hunting
Description: This show explores the fascinating world of rare coin collecting, with a particular focus on Morgan silver dollars. Experts discuss the history and value of these iconic coins, offer appraisal tips, and showcase remarkable collections. From seasoned numismatists to curious beginners, Rare Silver Morgans offers something for everyone interested in the allure of rare coins.

CSN Mint: coins, currency, collecting, numismatics, gold, silver, bullion, investing, rare coins, appraisals
Description: CSN Mint delves into the world of collectible coins and currency, featuring products available through the CSN network. Experts showcase rare and valuable items, discuss market trends for precious metals like gold and silver, and offer insights for both seasoned collectors and those new to the hobby.

Pain Relief TV: health, wellness, pain management, alternative medicine, natural remedies, chronic pain, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, pain relief products
Description: This show focuses on providing viewers with information and resources for managing pain. From showcasing alternative therapies like acupuncture and massage to discussing natural remedies and pain relief products, Pain Relief TV aims to empower viewers to find relief from chronic and acute pain.

Shark CarpetXpertTM With StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner: cleaning, home care, product demonstration, carpets, stain removal, deep cleaning, Shark, infomercial, before and after, testimonials
Description: This infomercial-style program features the Shark CarpetXpertTM with StainStrikerTM 2-in-1 Deep Carpet Cleaner. Viewers are treated to demonstrations of the product's stain-fighting and deep cleaning capabilities, alongside testimonials from satisfied customers.

Kelsey Grammars Historical Battles For America: history, military history, battles, American history, documentaries, Kelsey Grammar, narration, reenactments, strategy, analysis
Description: Narrated by actor Kelsey Grammar, this documentary series explores pivotal battles throughout American history. Featuring dramatic reenactments, expert commentary, and strategic analysis, the show brings to life the stories behind these historical conflicts.

Cavuto Coast To Coast: business news, finance, economics, politics, markets, interviews, Neil Cavuto, analysis, stocks, Fox Business Network
Description: Anchored by veteran financial journalist Neil Cavuto, this show provides in-depth coverage of the day's top business and economic news. Featuring interviews with CEOs, economists, and policymakers, Cavuto offers his trademark analysis and insights on the latest market developments.

The Evening Edit: news, politics, current events, analysis, commentary, interviews, evening news, summary, headlines, world news
Description: This evening news program offers a concise and insightful summary of the day's top news stories. Featuring a mix of analysis, commentary, and interviews, The Evening Edit provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the day's events.

American Dynasty: reality TV, family, wealth, business, drama, luxury lifestyle, Robertsons, Duck Dynasty, entrepreneurship, Louisiana
Description: This reality show follows the lives of the Robertson family, a Louisiana clan who built a multi-million dollar business empire around duck calls and hunting accessories. Known for their strong religious beliefs and down-home humor, the Robertsons navigate the challenges and triumphs of family, faith, and fortune in the American South.