GDELT Summary: Global Online News Comparer Launches

Last February we launched the Television Comparer service that makes it trivial to instantly compare the results of multiple queries together in a single live-updating dashboard. Today we launch its counterpart for global online news coverage, allowing you to compare coverage volume of up to four separate queries or display the results of one query as a percent of another to answer questions like what percent of coverage of a given topic also mentions a specific subtopic or framing.

We're excited to see how you're able to use this new service! Remember that all of GDELT Summary, including the Television Comparer and this new Global Online News Comparer, are simply HTML pages with embedded iframes wrapped around the GDELT TV 2.0, DOC 2.0 and GEO 2.0 APIs using their JSONP output formats, meaning you can use GDELT Summary as a template to create your own customized live-updating embedded dashboards and visualizations!

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