GDELT + Internet Archive's Collaboration To Archive The World's Online Journalism

In August 2014 GDELT joined the Internet Archive's "No More 404" program, providing a daily list of the URLs of all global news coverage it monitors from around the world. The Archive crawls all of this news content (along with the images and other content on each page) each day and adds it to its permanent archive of the web accessible through its Wayback Machine. GDELT monitors an extraordinary volume of content throughout each day and we've been working closely with the Archive over the past year and a half to gradually ramp up the percentage of the feed that it archives and adds to its Wayback Machine. We're excited to announce that as of this past week the Archive is now ingesting the majority of the daily GDELT feed, with most articles and their corresponding imagery and other content becoming available in the Wayback Machine by late morning PST the following day. If you spot a broken link, an article that yields a 404, or an image that is no longer accessible, paste it into the Archive's Wayback Machine and you should be able to find a permanently preserved copy.

We are proud and honored to partner with the Archive on this extraordinary and incredibly unique program, the largest of its kind in the world, to archive the world's online news with a special focus on local news and news in languages other than English. Through our combined efforts we are ensuring that the world's most at-risk journalism is being preserved for future generations.