GDELT Context 2.0 API Now Supports Quotation Search

The GDELT Context 2.0 API now offers an "&isquote=1" URL parameter that returns only matching sentences that also contain a quote mark suggesting they are part of a quoted statement.

Given that the Context API only returns a single matching sentence per document, the Global Quotation Graph is a more authoritative dataset for quotation search, since it includes the full quote even if it spans several brief sentences, whereas the Context 2.0 API returns only a sentence that both contains your keyword and also contains a quote mark. Thus, a three sentence quotation like "It is good. Hydroxychloroquine is a miracle. It really is." will result in a single quotation in the Global Quotation Graph, but in the Context 2.0 API it will result in three separate sentences being indexed, "It is good" with a quote mark, "Hydroxychloroquine is a miracle." with no quote mark and "It really is." with a quote mark. This means a search for "hydroxychloroquine" in a quotation will not return this quote.

While imperfect, offering quotation search within the Context 2.0 API makes it possible to seamlessly search for quoted statements mentioning a particular keyword using the same realtime API as the rest of your searches and supports applications including guiding users towards articles with quoted statements about a keyword. We're continuing to explore how to further refine this feature and would love your feedback!

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