GDELT 2.0 APIs Coming Shortly!

We're excited to announce that starting in about a week we will begin rolling out the GDELT 2.0 APIs! These new APIs will support an incredible array of new capabilities, including for the first time making the Visual Knowledge Graph (VGKG) dataset available via API search as part of the new 2.0 Full Text API, allowing you to simultaneously search the textual and visual narratives of the world's news! For example, you will be able to search for realtime coverage of a natural disaster and filter for just imagery showing damage to buildings or only images that show UN food pallets or only images that show Red Cross personnel and vehicles and to separate imagery showing aerial views of the damage from those showing on-the-ground views.

We believe this will enable an entirely new class of search and deep analytics that has never before been possible, especially as we couple it for the first time with a vast new suite of geographic capabilities and new aggregation and output formats. With just a few mouseclicks we were able to build a realtime dashboard that maps all worldwide flooding (both ongoing and sudden onset) through visual image assessment, going as far as to gauge the level of damage and human and environmental impact of each flood – with the entire system taking just a few minutes using these new APIs!

Stay tuned for some incredible announcements in this area!