Gallup Polls Faded From Television News In Late 2012

Gallup polls have long been a mainstay of public opinion research, yet their presence on television news has declined substantially since late 2012. The timeline below shows total monthly mentions of Gallup across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News from mid-2009 through a peak in October 2012, collapsing the following month and never recovering to their previous levels in the decade since. Fox News has consistently mentioned them more since late 2018, but all three channels are mentioning them far less than in the past.

Over the past decade, Fox News has mentioned Gallup polls more than twice as much as CNN.

Looking at the total seconds of airtime in which Gallup was mentioned somewhere in the onscreen text since the start of 2020, Fox News leads by a substantial margin, with CNN and MSNBC almost equal.