"Gallery Mode" Now Available in DOC 2.0 API

We're incredibly excited to announce today the release of our new "Gallery Mode" for the GDELT DOC 2.0 API,which allows you to create "high design" magazine-style layouts of relevant coverage, creating a visually striking summary of global news coverage of your topic. Using the "Justified Gallery" jQuery plugin by Miro Mannino, the result is an elegant, fully responsive and mobile-friendly gallery of coverage that automatically adjusts to any browser resolution and even dynamically reorganizes the display as the browser window is resized.

Two modes are available, one for articles ("mode=artgallery") and one for images ("mode=imagegallery"). The article mode displays up to 50 matching articles, along with its title, source domain, publication date/time, language and source country. Only articles which include a social sharing image are included (note that sometimes this may be the outlet's logo, rather than an image relating to the topic). The image mode displays up to 50 matching images, along with the the title and publication date of the source article, the number of times Google Images has seen the image previously anywhere on the web and links to up to six of those previous instances.

Here are a few examples to get you started with the power of these new modes: