Focus On Inherent Attributes For Temporal Knowledge Graph Completion

This study examines knowledge graph completion:

In the last few years, the availability of temporal knowledge graphs has stimulated extensive research in temporal knowledge graph completion (TKGC) and temporal knowledge graph embedding (TKGE), where temporal information is added to static knowledge graphs that have been widely applied previously. However, most existing methods, such as current state-of the-art DE-SimplE and TeRo, learn embeddings of temporal evolving attributes, overlooking the inherent attributes inside entities, where some essential and inherent features are included. In this paper, we introduce a novel method utilizing Inherent Attributes with a Graph Attention network (IAGAT) for TKGC. Our IAGAT extracts inherent attributes from sufficient features corresponding to various facts at different time stamps, to obtain the inherent embeddings. And we take advantages of previous rotation based methods to obtain the temporal-evolving embeddings. Through extensive experiments and sufficient comparisons, we demonstrate our model outperforms the current state-of-the-art models on link prediction task. Furthermore, we evaluate and prove the necessity of the inherent attributes in performance improvement, and study how our model functions in extracting inherent features.

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