'Fake Meat' Vs 'Impossible Meat': A Case Study In Branding

As plant-based proteins attract newfound attention, which term is gaining the most traction? Terms like "fake meat" or brand names like "Impossible Meat"?

The timeline below shows worldwide online news coverage mentions of "("fake meat" OR "faux meat")" versus "("impossible burger" or "beyond burger" OR "impossible meat" OR "beyond meat")" versus "plant based meat".

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Tallying the total mentions of each term, the chart below shows that brand names are attracting the most media coverage, followed by "plant-based meat" followed by "fake meat" and "faux meat." Thus, while the term "fake meat" may anecdotally seem to be everywhere, it actually has not received nearly the same attention as the other two.

Similarly, the Google Trends chart below shows searches for "fake meat" (blue), "plant based meat" (yellow), "impossible burger" (red) and "beyond meat" (green) showing that brand names also dominate web searches, with "fake meat" failing to generate substantial traction in either media coverage of public search interest.

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