Emotions of American Television 2009-2016 Dataset

For those of you interested in building your own visualizations or analytic models of the emotional undercurrents of American television from July 2009 to February 7, 2016, we are releasing the entire emotional dataset behind the new Television Emotions Explorer. The 1GB GZIP file will uncompress to around 3.3GB and contains one ASCII text file per emotion. Each emotion file has a very simple format: each row contains the measurement of that emotion for a given day/station triple. The first column lists the day in YYYYMMDD format, the second is the station, third is the number of total words of closed captioning analyzed for that station on that day, while the fourth column contains the score. For emotions beginning with "v" the score can be used as-is, while for emotions beginning with "c" you should divide the score column by the word count column and multiple by 100 to calculate a density score. You can look up each emotion and find its full citation in the GCAM Codebook.

This is a one-time static snapshot of all of the emotional dimensions assessed from July 2009 to February 7, 2016. For the latest updates of a specific dimension, use the "&output=csv" option of the Campaign Television Emotions Tracker.

Download the Emotions of American Television 2009-2016 Dataset Through 2/7/2016.

GCAM Codebook.