"Defund The Police" On Television News

The timeline below shows the sudden rise and fall of the phrase "defund the police" on television news since the start of this year, counting the total seconds of airtime in which the phrase appeared in the onscreen text of each station (ABC, CBS and NBC measure only their national evening news broadcasts while BBC, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News are their 24/7 broadcasting since Jan. 1, 2020). Fox News has displayed it far more than its peers, at 19,229 seconds, compared with 3,820 on MSNBC and 3,222 on CNN. The US-centric nature of the phrase is seen in the fact that BBC News mentioned it in just 123 seconds of airtime this year. On evening news broadcasts, NBC mentioned it in 294 seconds of airtime, compared with 4 seconds each for ABC and CBS.

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