Default Clip Sorting For TV Explorer & AI TV Explorer Now Descending Date

Since their launches, the Television Explorer and AI Television Explorer have displayed matching results sorted by textual relevancy, just as their online news counterpart Online News Summary does. However, given the extremely short duration of television clips (15 seconds for TV Explorer and 1 second for the AI TV Explorer), textual relevancy rankings are less useful, since they typically return clips that only mention the keyword by itself, as well as making it harder to understand whether a match was an isolated occurrence or whether it appeared as part of a long string of matches all in a single episode.

To help with this, we've updated both the TV Explorer and AI TV Explorer to use date descending as their default clip sort now, meaning that searches will now return matching results in order of their broadcast date/time, with the most recent results first. This also means that if a given search yields a string of matches in a row, all will appear in a contiguous sequence in the results, making it clear that there was a run of matches rather than a single match in isolation!