Context 2.0 API Now Supports Multilingual Search Across Nearly 140 Languages

We're tremendously excited to announce today that the Context 2.0 API which debuted in May now supports full multilingual search across all of the space-segmented languages currently monitored by GDELT, totaling nearly 140. In this inaugural multilingual release we are currently supporting only languages that segment words using spaces and thus languages including Burmese, Chinese, Dzongkha, Japanese, Khmer, Laothian, Thai, Tibetan and Vietnamese are not yet supported. We will be adding support for those languages in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

By default the Context 2.0 API will continue to search in English. To search in a different language, append the URL parameter "searchlang=" to the end of your URL and provide one of the supported language names, including the underscore if present. Thus, to search for Norwegian (Bokmal) you would append "&searchlang=norwegian" to your URL and to search for Norwegian (Nynorsk) you would append "&searchlang=norwegian_n" with the underscore. No stemming or other adjustments are made to your query, so just like with English searches you will need to provide multiple versions of your query term to search multiple tenses or equivalent.

Please let us know if you run into issues with words being rejected as being too common, as we are constantly adjusting our stopwords lists across all of the languages based on feedback!

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