CNN And MSNBC Have Given More Airtime To Fox News' Dominion Voting Falsehoods More Than Fox News Itself

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, Fox News prominently promoted the false conspiracy theory that Dominion Voting voting machines had been rigged or manipulated, for which it is currently being sued. The amount of airtime CNN and MSNBC have devoted to debunking Fox News' falsehood is reminiscent of the way in which its attention to Trump's Twitter falsehoods actually amplified them and offers a cautionary tale of the fine line between debunking versus maintaining attention on a story that drives partisan followers to continue to believe it.

Interestingly, looking at the total times the story has been mentioned across the following four channels, Fox News itself mentioned it the least of the four, though CNN and MSNBC focused their coverage on debunking the story that Fox News was promoting.

Similarly, looking at the total seconds of airtime in which Dominion was mentioned in the onscreen text, Fox News gave it around a third of the airtime of the other two.