Central Bank Financial Stability Report Sentiment Dictionary Available in GCAM

Ricardo Correa, Keshav Garud, Juan-Miguel Londono-Yarce and Nathan Mislang published an IFDP working paper earlier this year titled "Sentiment in central bank's financial stability reports" that developed a specialized dictionary designed to assess positive and negative sentiment from central bank financial stability reports. We've incorporated these two dictionaries along with the third ("neutral") dictionary developed as part of their paper. All three dictionaries are now available in GCAM as of this evening as c41.1 (Positive), c41.2 (Negative) and c41.3 (Neutral) (see the GCAM Codebook). While the dictionaries were designed for the specific narrow domain of central bank financial stability reports and thus not directly designed or tuned for general news content, we've added them to GCAM to allow exploration of how such specialized economic sentiment indicators can be applied and eventually adapted to the general news domain.

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