Campaign 2020 Media Dashboard Adds Streamgraphs

The chaotic cacophony of the 2020 race means our Campaign 2020 Media Dashboard's timelines have become increasingly difficult to interpret, with the candidates' mentions so heavily overlapping that it can be extremely difficult at times to see just who is winning at any given moment from the timelines alone and to trace the ebbs and flows of their momentum.

To address this, we've upgraded the timelines to streamgraphs that make these trends far more visible. You can see the streamgraph for January 1, 2020 through present below, showing how much clearer it makes the race's ebbs and flows.

For those who still prefer traditional line graphs, area graphs, pie charts and other visualizations, you can of course download the data in CSV format and visualize it yourself. We're tremendously excited about this new visualization format!

Campaign 2020 Media Dashboard