Automatic Results Translation Added To Fulltext Search API

Given that GDELT currently monitors and translates news from 65 languages in realtime, when you use the Full Text Search API you will frequently be presented with search results in a wide array of languages that you yourself may not be able to read. To help with this, you can now add "&trans=googtrans" to the HTML article list output formats ("output=artlist" and "output=artimgonlylist") which will embed a Google Translate widget on the page to translate all of the headlines to your own language in realtime. A dropdown will appear at the top of the results page the first time you view a results page and after you have selected your desired language it will remember your primary language and automatically translate all future results pages in realtime.

This has already been added to the Multilingual News Search Service so you can see it in action when you scroll down to the article list section.

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